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Since 2008, as a Senior User Experience Designer at Autodesk, I've been researching and designing new features, implementing new processes and carrying the UX flag across the company's Construction business.

Year: 2008 onwards
My Roles: UX Design & Strategy; Product Stewardship; User Research; Process Implementation
Technologies: Adobe Creative Suite; Office; Visio; WPF/Expression Blend

Autodesk acquired Sheffield-based Navisworks, Ltd. in 2007. The Navisworks products had, up until that point, been developed without formal design input. I came on board in April 2008, with a mandate to set up the design process, as well as for improving the UX of the product line and ensuring that new features are shaped with users firmly in mind.

Since then, I have designed a host of new features as well as a significant UI overhaul for the product line, taking these projects from initial inception through to final delivery, via various forms of user research, wireframing, specification and prototyping.

Recently, I have been heavily involved in streamlining design-development workflows, working closely with the development team, delivering very-high fidelity UI prototypes, created in WPF/C# with Microsoft Expression Blend and Visual Studio. The aim here has been to deliver user-testable UIs before development begins, as well as to improve the communication of design intent and reduce development overhead.

Overall, my role at Autodesk embraces the full spectrum of UX activities, with significant levels of business requirements analysis, various forms of user research, UI design at multiple levels of fidelity, prototyping and iterative acceptance testing of new features. I also work side-by-side with Product Management, acting in a 'Product Steward' capacity to resolve day-to-day product issues, and having signifcant input into the overall product strategy.


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